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Importance of knowing your rights

Girl shouting for her human rights

When talking about Human and Civil Rights, the first thing that comes in to mind is the long incomprehensible list of law that will make you fall asleep. Big consequences await to those who don’t know what their rights are. Fencing using your finger against a fully armored opponent is the best picture of what might happen if you have no clue about your Human and Civil Rights.

One of the biggest controversy about this was the increasing cases of abuse on immigrants in the United States.

Migration concerns us all and no State can escape from its obligations under international human rights law to protect and ensure respect for the human rights of migrants, irrespective of their migration status.” — François Crépeau, U.N.

If the people who are being abused because of their race know the protection that the human rights can give, the number of cases like these will drop to minimum.

Knowing your Human and Civil rights will save you from unnecessary trouble.

You should know the rules so you won’t break them. Another reason is you should know the rules so won’t be violated. Having knowledge of what you’re rights are is crucial in the times of need. When there is no knowledge at all, how would you defend yourself from some brewing trouble in which you had no part at all?

Ignorance of the law is not an excuse

You can’t plead to the judge and tell him, “Please forgive this time, it will never happen again. I did it because I do not know it’s wrong!” The judge will surely just look at you and will slowly shake his head side ways. He just might say, “Son, we hear that everyday.” To be in a place of ignorance is a dangerous place to be in. The law is law my friend, and nothing you can do to change that fact.

Not knowing your rights will attract people who will take advantage of you

The modern world became less friendly so knowing your rights will prevent those people from taking advantage of you. If you don’t, then you are like a fish swimming around a shark tank. They will eat you alive. I’m not saying that the world has became an ugly place where you need to be vigilant all the time. But what I really trying to say is, it’s good to know how you can protect your self from unprecedented events.

The Organized Way of Preparing Your Plumbing for Winter

Is there such thing as an organized method for preparing your pipes for the cold season? Well, don’t be surprised because there is! This flawless procedure will help you avoid damage, thereby allowing you to save thousands of dollars for repair.

With these steps, you can turn winter plumbing problems into a thing of the past!

Step 1: Turn off your outdoor faucets


And when I say you turn them off, I mean you head to their shutoff valves to do so. First, open the tap so you can open its bleeder cap on the valve and drain remaining water from the pipe. Not emptying the tube is a bad idea because it can get frozen and crack. Then, leave the bleeder cap open with a pail underneath in case of drips. If the water keeps dripping, it’s a sign: You should replace your shutoff valve immediately. You should also drain your water hoses and store them indoors unless you want them to freeze.

Step 2: Cover hose bibs

The next step is to purchase insulated covers (around $3 each) for your hose bibs. Insulated ones can slow down the heat loss from a tube as it travels through the wall and out into the cold.

Step 3: Cover pipes in unheated areas of your house

Next, you should go to a hardware store to grab some pipe insulation or heat tape. Covering your pipes is an excellent way to protect them from the cold during winter. There are easy-to-install kits available in hardware stores, and most of them include a thermostat already.

For pipes in an unheated place like your garage or attic, use a heat cable and cover it with pipe insulation. Why use a heat cable? Because pipe insulation won’t be enough to protect your pipes from freezing. If you don’t know how to perform this step, check out the video we found below.

Step 4: Give your water heater a fine-tuning

It’s also crucial that you drain and maintain your water heater before winter arrives. If you don’t know how to, contact a handyman.

Step 5: Check your furnace

Ensure that the filters are clean. If major repairs need to be done, call a handyman. It’s best, however, to contact them once you’ve checked everything that needs to be fixed, including the next step.

Step 6: Repair leaks


The next step is to fix leaks right away. Examine your pipes, and if you can’t handle all the fixing that needs to be done, well, you know who to call.

Step 7: Turn your water off at the main shutoff

If you’re going to leave your house or sell it, turn the water off first. Doing this will lessen the probability of pipes getting cracked even when they get frozen. At least there will be way less damage. If you have an automatic icemaker, shut it off too to prevent it from continually making ice and it its effort, burn out the motor.

Worst case scenario

If, for some unknown reason, a pipe suddenly burst in the middle of a wintry night even after doing the steps above, trust a sump pump. Make sure you have a quality one just in case there’s a flood. Although it’s unlikely that you’ll have to deal with this problem after following the systematic method mentioned, it’s still better to have an available sump pump.

Everyday Decluttering

Home organization is not a one-time deal. It is going to be one of those routines you need to do in a lifetime. The fewer things you need to organize, the less stressful your life can be. But even with a lot of belongings, keeping your living space clutter-free is a great way to nourish your soul. One of the useful home organization tips you can find is the importance of identifying the cause of the problem. This can help you address the underlying issues instead of just going for temporary solutions.

No regular cleaning and organizing routine. Clutter tends to build up when you do not have a home organization routine. You can incorporate the said routine every time you clean the house. You can start small by allotting at least 10 minutes of your house cleaning in sorting out and finding the proper storage place for your clutter.

Insufficient storage space. Either you have collected too many stuff or you do not have enough storage spaces to keep them. You can remedy the latter by investing on storage baskets, bins, and baskets. You can also install hooks and shelves for additional storage space.

Sentimental attachments to things. You may not know when or how to let go of some of the things that have accumulated over the time. You may feel guilty throwing out a decade old gift from a friend or donating stuff you have not used in a long while.

Buying more. You are quick to buy stuff without considering storage space or how they might end up as clutter. Before purchasing things for a new hobby, you can wait for a month or two first to see if you would really need the items in the long run.

Looking into the eyes of a child



Many children are not getting sufficient care and attention now a day. It’s sad to say that many people turns a blank stare at them and just feel sorry, yet did nothing. According to statistics, more and more children are being asked to stop schooling because of financial hardship. We are talking about children, they are human beings who are in the stage of growth and development. Asking them to stop schooling would affect their personal growth, and would force them to settle for a life not intended for them to live. How sad story would that be.

Our heart is so compelled when watching these little kids play freely not worrying about anything the future brings. We just want to pour our love on them and show them that they can be anything they want to be. But my heart melted when I heard this boy’s story.

A boy named Pancho

Kids will be kids. It’s normal for them to run around and play as if there is no tomorrow. But this kid is different. His name is Pancho. We found him in a corner with tears in his eyes. I got curious and separate my self from the group and walk towards him. I asked him, “why are you not playing with those other kids? I’m sure it will be fun.”  He was a shy boy and looked away but still didn’t stop me to know what’s going on. So I asked for his name. He reluctantly replied, ” My name is Pancho.” I smiled and told him that his name is cute. I held his face and asked him, “why such a beautiful boy crying?” He said that his mother was so mad at him because he ate the last piece of bread they had at home. Upon hearing this I felt crying but I had to help my self. I don’t want him to think that I pity him, that would make him more sorry for himself. I tried to be funny and asked him to go on lunch with me because all my friends refused to spend lunch time with me. There was hesitation but he probably thought that will be a good idea so he agreed. We ate a good meal probably the best thing he had for months. I hope I could describe how happy he was. During our lunch date, I discovered that he was not shy boy at all. He talked and talked about so many things, he talked about his family, his friends, and his dream to become a doctor. His eyes were full of hope that someday things will get better. I noticed that it’s getting late so I had to return him to his family.

That day I feel so blessed to have a family who could provide for my basic needs and even pamper me with the things I don’t need. I felt pride in what I do as a volunteer. I told the story to my friends in the organization. They were touched as well, so this boy was given a sponsorship. I hope that he would be a doctor someday and he would become someone who he wants to be.