Looking into the eyes of a child



Many children are not getting sufficient care and attention now a day. It’s sad to say that many people turns a blank stare at them and just feel sorry, yet did nothing. According to statistics, more and more children are being asked to stop schooling because of financial hardship. We are talking about children, they are human beings who are in the stage of growth and development. Asking them to stop schooling would affect their personal growth, and would force them to settle for a life not intended for them to live. How sad story would that be.

Our heart is so compelled when watching these little kids play freely not worrying about anything the future brings. We just want to pour our love on them and show them that they can be anything they want to be. But my heart melted when I heard this boy’s story.

A boy named Pancho

Kids will be kids. It’s normal for them to run around and play as if there is no tomorrow. But this kid is different. His name is Pancho. We found him in a corner with tears in his eyes. I got curious and separate my self from the group and walk towards him. I asked him, “why are you not playing with those other kids? I’m sure it will be fun.”  He was a shy boy and looked away but still didn’t stop me to know what’s going on. So I asked for his name. He reluctantly replied, ” My name is Pancho.” I smiled and told him that his name is cute. I held his face and asked him, “why such a beautiful boy crying?” He said that his mother was so mad at him because he ate the last piece of bread they had at home. Upon hearing this I felt crying but I had to help my self. I don’t want him to think that I pity him, that would make him more sorry for himself. I tried to be funny and asked him to go on lunch with me because all my friends refused to spend lunch time with me. There was hesitation but he probably thought that will be a good idea so he agreed. We ate a good meal probably the best thing he had for months. I hope I could describe how happy he was. During our lunch date, I discovered that he was not shy boy at all. He talked and talked about so many things, he talked about his family, his friends, and his dream to become a doctor. His eyes were full of hope that someday things will get better. I noticed that it’s getting late so I had to return him to his family.

That day I feel so blessed to have a family who could provide for my basic needs and even pamper me with the things I don’t need. I felt pride in what I do as a volunteer. I told the story to my friends in the organization. They were touched as well, so this boy was given a sponsorship. I hope that he would be a doctor someday and he would become someone who he wants to be.