Mission & Vision

Mother lifting baby


We thank you for visiting our page. If there is a space in your heart that desires to help and be part of our growing organization, we are proud and happy to welcome you to our family. This only proves that this world still has amazing people who don’t just live for themselves but also to live for those who are in need. People who dedicate their lives in making other lives better, and be part of a revolution that will liberate the rest of the world!



To welcome those people in need with arms wide open, give them chance to have a decent life, and inspire them to do the same. To become an eye opener of the world to the things that are neglected and unseen. Give our hearts into serving the community with full sincerity and love.


No more discrimination to less fortunate individuals and see them soaring high with pride and joy. A world where everybody is well provided for, a world with so much to share, and a world full of happy families who will continue what we have started and pass it on to the new generation.


With your help, we can work together into creating small changes that will impact many lives. The gratitude of the people we offered help is overwhelming. Their smiles are worth all the hard work that we put into this revolution, it is a validation of the importance of what we do. To join our family, visit our Join us page.