Who Are We?

group of friends

We are elcentro-nm.org. We are group of people who is protecting El Centro’s citizen from unfair treatment of the society. Now a days, competition for jobs are one of the common issues we face, it is also one of the common complaints of our people. Our existence in the society helps these workers to get proper salary and treatment that they deserve. We coordinate with several government agencies to help us fulfill our mission. Our quest for equality is not easy to achieve, but our passion to help people from different walks of life empower us to help and take action. We don’t leave anyone behind.


elcentro-nm.org is never an ordinary organization. The foundation of our core beliefs are based on the the love and care we have in our hearts. Our sincerity to help is always felt by the people who come to us for assistance. Like every organizations, we do fund-raising and ask support from government agencies but sometimes our resources are not always enough. So most of our employees are volunteers, and at the same time, the sponsors. But there are no statues of them, their names are never mentioned in prestigious awards, they don’t get credit for the help they extend to the community, yet they still stay. Our goal is never about being recognized but rather impact many lives as possible. And we believe that even how small we are, we are part of a change. A change that speaks to many and soon, to the world.

Flying Samaritans

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